COMPETITIOR PACKAGES WHEN YOUR NEED IS FOR COMPETITION LEVEL QUALITY. Unbreakable 42” x 72” glass backboard (BKB550), a 5-year warranty breakaway goal (BKB573) and Duraskin (BKB4869) padding are Official products of the National Federation of State High School Associations.
BKB7009 STATIONARY  4’-6’ Ext. $1,125 EA
BKB7010 STATIONARY  6-8’ Ext. $1,225 EA
BKB7011 STATIONARY  8-12’ Ext. $1,560 EA
BKB7012 SIDE FOLD  4’-6’ Ext. $1,360 EA
BKB7013 SIDE FOLD  6’-8’ Ext. $1,465 EA
BKB7014 SIDE FOLD  8’-12’ Ext. $1,735 EA
BKB7015 SWING UP (HAND WINCH)  4'-6' Ext $1,930 EA
BKB7016 SWING UP (HAND WINCH)  6'-8' Ext $2,045 EA
BKB7017 SWING UP (HAND WINCH)  8'-12' Ext

$2,390 EA